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The blog eschata concerns whatever things I have lately been thinking about, reading and discussing.

“Eschata” is a Greek word meaning “last things” or describing things as “last.”

The term eschata thus has connotations to issues connected to the “last days,” or “end of times” (sometimes mislabeled as “apocalypse”) and the afterlife.

It’s true that I named this blog “eschata” because of my fascination with eschatology, which is a term used in religious and cultural studies to denote beliefs and doctrinal systems concerning the teleological or temporal “ends” of human life and the universe.

I love to study and contemplate not only the ancient eschatological doctrines of Judaism and Christianity and other religions in the Mediterranean world, I also am interested in the apocalyptic and eschatological dimensions of modern thought, religious or otherwise.

Yet in a technical, strictly temporal sense, it is always “the last days,” because the present moment of life is effectively the spear tip of existence. The past is behind us, the future is not yet, so whatever has just happened is “the last thing that happened.” In that sense therefore, whatever matters I’ve been thinking about lately are “eschata,” and that’s the true secret of the name of this blog. The present reality is always the end times.

I am interested, it seems, in all sorts of things.

what do you think?

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